Will Hutton

Will Hutton advises senior political and business figures and is one of the pre-eminent economics commentators in the country. He began his career in the City as a stockbroker and investment analyst before moving to the BBC, where he worked both on radio, as a producer and reporter, and on TV as economics correspondent for Newsnight. He spent four years as editor-in-chief of The Observer, for which he continues to write a weekly column. He also regularly contributes to The Guardian and The Financial Times. His best-known book is probably The State We’re In, which was seen at the time as setting the scene for the Blair revolution. Since then he has published The State to Come, The Stakeholding Society, On The Edge (with Anthony Giddens), a groundbreaking analysis of globalisation and The Writing on the Wall: China and the West in the 21st Century. His latest book, Them and Us: Changing Britain. In March 2011 he published the Final Report of his Independent Review into Fair Pay in the Public Sector, after being commissioned by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor in June 2010 to make recommendations on promoting pay fairness in the public sector.