Victor Gregg

Victor Gregg was born in London in 1919 and enlisted in the Rifle Brigade aged 19. He was sent to the Middle East; following service in the western desert and at the battle of Alamein, he joined the Parachute Regiment and in September 1944 found himself at the battle of Arnhem. When the paratroopers were forced to withdraw, Gregg was captured. He attempted to escape, but was caught and became a prisoner of war; sentenced to death in Dresden for attempting to escape and burning down a factory, only the allies’ infamous raid on the city the night before his execution saved his life. Gregg’s story continues after the end of the war. In the 50s he became chauffeur to the Chairman of the Moscow Norodny bank in London and more adventures followed. He is appearing with Rick Stroud a television writer and director and author of The Book of the Moon. Rick has helped Vic to edit and publish his autobiography Rifleman: A Frontline Life.