Tiffany Murray

Tiffany Murray describes her rock ‘n’ roll childhood, and the unlikely companions she found during it. Making ends meet, her mother hired out her boyfriend’s country house as a rehearsal space for bands. Initially resentful, Tiffany soon found space and time for the music whilst her mother began cooking for the bands and roadies – rock and roll catering, in Herefordshire, in the 70s. The pair hosted Queen, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop and, most significantly for Tiffany, the Celtic rock band, Horslips. Summers were filled with half naked musicians and prospective fathers. The happy accident of her mother advertising the house as a rehearsal space made a lonely rural child’s upbringing very cool. She claims her first book, Happy Accidents, can only now be recognised as a love letter to all the music Freddie (from the Horslips) introduced her to.