Scott Burnham

Scott Burnham has created and directed urban initiatives in 11 cities worldwide, ranging from design and strategy engagements to directing the $32 million cultural regeneration Urbis project in Manchester, UK and the Trust Design initiative for the Netherlands Institute for Design in Amsterdam. His projects include Urban Play, created for the city of Amsterdam, Bairro Criativo created for the city of Porto, Portugal, and the Made of Jesolo design initiative for Jesolo, Greater Venice, Italy. He recently returned home to Boston to create the Reprogramming the City initiative for the Boston Society of Architects, creating new opportunities in cities by repurposing existing urban infrastructure. He is the author of Finding the Truth in Systems: In Praise of Design Hacking and the forthcoming Reprogramming the City book. In recognition of his work, Burnham was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce in London in 2010. More information about his work can be found at