Nick Broomfield

Nick Broomfield is a documentary filmmaker. He studied Law at Cardiff, and Political Science at Essex University before going on to study Film at the National Film School. He made his first film Who Cares about slum clearance in Liverpool, while at University. He is known for his idiosyncratic style of filmmaking which he developed while making Driving Me Crazy in 1988. As it was a film hopelessly out of control, Nick decided to place himself and the producer of the film in the story, as a way of making sense of the event. This experiment led to a more investigative and experimental type of filmmaking as seen in films such as The Leader, His Driver and his Driver’s Wife, Aileen Wurnos, Kurt and Courtney and Biggie and Tupac. His most recent film is Sarah Palin: You Betcha. Nick is the recipient of the following awards amongst others: Sundance first prize, British Academy Award, Prix Italia, Dupont Peabody Award, Grierson Award, Hague Peace Prize, Amnesty International Doen Award.