Mary Killen

Modern manners leave a lot to be desired. In How The Queen Can Make You Happy Mary Killen, etiquette expert, mixes wit and polemic to make the case for civilised conduct – based on the ultimate role model, HM the Queen. In the year of her diamond jubilee, Mary argues that the Queen represents the best of British behaviour – which is why she is held in such high esteem around the world.

Now you can use examples from her own life to navigate life s social complexities with ease and good grace. Entries include: How to manage difficult pets; How to deal with bores; How to address an insult; How to dress properly …and many more. Examining such under-rated virtues as discretion, politeness and kindness, How The Queen Can Make You Happy is a humorous celebration of long-held British values in an age where discretion is not generally the better part of value. Never mind the curtsey, where’s the courtesy?