Maddie Harris

Maddie Harris is an activist, campaigner and founder of the organization, Humans for Rights Network, which she set up after witnessing almost daily human rights violations in the refugee camps of Dunkirk and Calais, where she worked from 2015. Refugees are subjected to police brutality and denied basic rights such as shelter and sanitation. Crimes are rarely investigated and children are placed at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation. The authorities fail to provide medical care or information regarding the asylum process – despite their legal obligation to do so. These human rights violations frequently go unreported.

Humans for Rights Network aims to hold perpetrators to account, and to seek justice for survivors. Maddie will be telling us the stories of these forcibly displaced people, stories that are being lost, buried or ignored and explain why we must work together to ensure they are heard. Maddie is also the co-creator of the Refugee Solidarity Summit 2020, which brought together over 800 activists and volunteers from all over Europe to regroup, receive training and support.