Leslee Udwin

Leslee is the director and producer of the ground breaking documentary India’s Daughter. The film told the story of the brutal gang rape in 2012 of a 23 year old medical student on a Delhi bus. The student later died from her injuries. India’s Daughter made international headlines and ignited protests. It is an impassioned plea for change and a tribute to a remarkable and inspiring young woman.

In 1986, Leslee faced a life- and home-threatening experience at the hands of one of Britain’s most notorious criminal landlords. After fighting a long and hard battle against him, and winning, she set about getting the story made as a TV film. The resultant TV film (BBC Screen Two) – Sitting Targets – had considerable impact as a piece of campaigning television.

Leslee then developed and produced the award-winning drama-documentary feature Who Bombed Birmingham? (starring John Hurt) for Granada TV and HBO. It helped get the case of the six innocent men reopened and led to the long overdue release of ‘the Birminghjam Six’ (after 17 years of wrongful imprisonment).

In 1995 Leslee set up her own Feature Film production company, Assassin Filns, under the auspices of which she has produced 5 feature films, including East is East a comedy drama about cultural integration. It went on to win the BAFTA Award for best British Film, and some 35 other prestigious awards worldwide. Leslee was awarded the London Critics’ Circle Producer of the Year Award.

As well as producing Leslee also lectures at universities around the world on film and its value as a tool for change.