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Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew grew up in the gravitational field of an unorthodox father who lived on his wits and dazzling charm. As his memory begins to fail, she embarks on a quest to unravel his story and soon finds herself in a far more astonishing and consuming place than she had bargained for. Dadland is a manhunt.
Keggie takes us on a spellbinding journey, in peace and war, into surprising and shady corners of history, her childhood and the poignant breakdown of her family, the corridors of dementia and beyond. Part-detective story, part-memoir, part-history book, it is a celebration of the technicolour life an impossible, irresistible, unstoppable man.
Keggie Carew has lived in London, West Cork, Barcelona, Texas and New Zealand. Before writing, her career was in contemporary art. Dadland is her debut book. It won the 2016 Costa Biography Award.