Grayson Perry Live!

Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry, the first transvestite potter to deliver the Reith Lectures, explores the meaning of art in this world-premier event for his book, Playing to the Gallery.

Drawing on his life as an artist, Grayson Perry will take you on a riveting journey through the boundaries and tensions at the heart of modern art. How does the stuff we see in art galleries or the middle of roundabouts come to be made and valued? From the slippery subject of quality, to the problem of rebelling in a world that thrives on rebellion, and even confronting the tricky question of what can or can’t be a work of art, this event will furnish you with essential tools with which to understand and appreciate art.

Expect to be entertained, entranced, illuminated and provoked.

“Perry is such a fantastic speaker: a performer with gags like a standup, but also a thinker with a point to make.” The Guardian