Fergal Keane

Fergal Keane began his career in journalism in 1979 as a reporter on the Limerick Leader before moving to The Irish Press. His first taste of broadcasting was with RTE News. From 1990 to 1994 his reports covered the township unrest in South Africa, the first elections following the end of apartheid and the genocide in Rwanda. He won the Amnesty International Press Awards in 1993 and won an Amnesty television prize in 1994 for his investigation of the Rwandan genocide, Journey Into Darkness. He has also been awarded a BAFTA. A columnist for The Independent, he writes for a range of publications and is the author of several books, including Season of Blood, and A Stranger’s Eye. In 2010, he published his first major history work Road of Bones: the Siege of Kohima 1944, an account of the epic battle which halted the Japanese invasion of India.