Diana Verde Nieto

Argentinian-born Diana Verde Nieto is the co-founder and CEO of Positiveluxury. Diana

studied at the Harvard Kennedy School of Global Leadership and Public Policy. An

entrepreneur, change-maker and author, she founded Clownfish in 2002 – a pioneering

global sustainability consultancy which was sold to Aegis-Dentsu Group in 2008.

In 2011 Diana co-founded Positive Luxury, a unique trust mark awarded to luxury lifestyle

brands, enabling them to gain recognition for their commitment to craftsmanship, service

and sustainability; revolutionizing the way people interact with brands, creating greater

customer experiences, fostering loyalty and generating trust.

That same year, the World Economic Forum in Davos honoured Diana as a Young Global

Leader. She sits on the advisory board for the YGL/World Economic Forum community

and is a member of the Global Agenda Council for sustainable consumption and Circular