David Hieatt

David Hieatt started working at Saatchi in London, before moving back to his hometown of

Cardigan in Wales and creating a clothing company called Howies, producing eco-friendly t-

shirts, jeans and sportswear. This led him to start The DO Lectures, which each year invites

a set of creatives to gives lectures on their business or idea, which inspires others to go out

and follow their passion. His latest venture, Hiut Denim, was founded to bring jean

manufacturing back to Cardigan, a town that used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans a week

before the factory shut down. The Hiut factory now makes 100 pairs of jeans a week and

employs 15 people. Each pair takes 80 minutes to make, involving 75 processes. Hiut jeans

are made to last and the company offers free repairs for life. David Hieatt is one of

Selfridges’ Bright New Things and, for their Selfridges window display, Hiut Denim will be

promoting their No Wash Club, encouraging customers not to wash their jeans for at least

six months. @hiutdenim