Daniel Kahneman

A Nobel laureate in economics – one of the only non-economists to earn this honour – and a research psychologist world-renowned for his seminal work on judgment, decision making and happiness and wellbeing, Daniel Kahneman has been hugely influential. His ideas have revolutionized economics, medicine, psychology, philosophy, legal studies, and a host of other disciplines by challenging fundamental ideas about rationality in thinking and decision making. His long and famous collaboration with Amos Tversky began in 1969. Together they published a series of articles in the field of judgement and decision making, the most important of which was Prospect Theory. They also published Judgement Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases in 1974 which was also widely acclaimed. He is now known as the godfather of behavioural economics – from the “nudge” theory of Richard Thaler to the “black swans” of Nassim Taleb’s work to the “tipping points” from Malcolm Gladwell, virtually all of the world’s biggest pop psychology writers working today have been directly inspired by Daniel Kahneman.