Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell coined the phrase and trademarked the term ‘carbon neutral’, which is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. He will tell the remarkable story of how planting his first tree in 1988 for Maureen who ran the Castle Cary Pet shop, transformed into the Carbon Market, an industry whose reported turnover last year was $197 billion. It’s a tale of trees, rock n’roll and Cool Britannia. From Joe Strummer, the first Carbon Neutral Citizen, to The Sex Pistols’ Filthy Furious Forest, hear how Dan spearheaded a movement that got everyone from the Rolling Stones to Leonardo DiCaprio involved. His is a restored rainforest/parrot sanctuary in Chiapas, Mexico in case you were wondering. Dan’s motive has always been the trees. He now has 13 million trees in the ground, five forests in the USA, 72 in the UK and a total of 300 forests planted around the world.

Dan Morell has been a climate advisor at Downing Street during the Blair government and has addressed the United Nations in full session by accident. He has worked with over 350 blue chip companies and raised £3million in Venture Capital, which he claims is probably the worst thing he ever did. He is the co-founder and CEO of CHANT, an open source band, which uses the audience as its instrument.