5 speakers 15 minutes each

Victoria Herridge

All change for the Ice Age

Dr Victoria Herridge has a degree in Biology and a PhD in Paleontology from University College London. Her current research at the Natural History Museum (NHM) is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council and focuses on the evolution of island mammals during the Pleistocene period, a time more commonly known as the last Ice Age. Together with Dr Adrian Lister, she identified the smallest mammoth ever known to have lived, and her internationally recognised work helps us understand evolutionary responses to extreme climate change. She has ongoing collaborations with international institutions, including New York University. She acts as a consultant for BBC documentaries and regularly holds gallery interaction sessions, workshops and discussions for children and the public at the NHM and national science festivals. She is currently writing her first book, to be published by Bloomsbury in 2015. Find her on Twitter: @ToriHerridge