5 speakers 15 minutes each

Rosie Boycott

The Future of Food In a world of finite resources and a rapidly expanding population, what does a sustainable food system look like? How do we ensure that everyone on the planet can access safe and nutritious food? What will that food even be? Rosie Boycott explores this dilemma in a talk that cuts to the very heart of our relationship with food.  Rosie Boycott is a writer and broadcaster whose career has spanned the national media. She co-founded the feminism magazine Spare Rib in 1971, and went on to become the UK's first female editor of a British daily newspaper, the Independent on Sunday. She has also edited Esquire, The Independent, and The Express. She has appeared regularly on The Late Review (BBC2) and The Moral Maze (BBC Radio 4), and written several books, including A Nice Girl Like Me and Our Farm: A Year in the Life of a Smallholding. Rosie was appointed Chair of London Food by the Mayor to help improve Londoners’ access to healthy, locally produced and affordable food. She writes and speaks regularly about the importance of food in improving health and in reducing carbon emissions.