5 speakers 15 minutes each

John-Paul Flintoff

This is a talk about how one cup of tea (or coffee) could change your life. We all want to make changes, both big and small, and often those changes start with a conversation. What makes some conversations special? How do you have a conversation that changes everything? Where do you even begin?
Having worked for years as an interviewer, and trained as a performer and coach, John Paul Flintoff understands the power of conversation. He will show us that really transformative conversations needn’t take much longer than a shared cup of tea. And now he’s made it his mission to start lots of those conversations by taking mugs, and hot drinks, to talk with strangers everywhere…
John-Paul Flintoff is the author of How To Change The World, among other books. A former associate editor on the FT and Sunday Times, he’s also a performer and a maker of things, from nettle underpants to high-end ceramic ware. www.flintoff.org